Why should you choose Flow?

  • tuition near me

    1. Email and/or Call us

    Let us know

    - Which subjects you are interested in receiving tutoring for

    - About your child, such as specific information you believe may help us connect you to the best suited tutor.

    - Availability that you have throughout the week.

  • tuition near me

    2. Get matched to a tutor

    Each email is reviewed. Then, students are matched with a tutor based on their individual needs. The specially chosen tutor will then contact to organise a lesson.

  • tuition near me

    3. Have your first lesson

    Have your session at your desired location. Our tutors will work around your schedule to organise a session.

Tutoring near you! Melbourne based tutoring

tutoring near me

How it works

In-person tutoring Melbourne

  • Flexible tutoring options such as at your home or local library
  • Tutor will come to you whenever is convenient
  • Reduce the number of distractions with face-to-face tutoring
  • Tutors and students form a bond quicker when delivering tutoring sessions in-person
  • Tutoring in Melbourne face-to-face
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tutoring near me

How it works

Online tutoring Melbourne

  • Access a variety of Flow's tutors from anywhere without location restrictions.
  • Much more flexibility
  • Eliminate traveling efforts
  • Tutors are all trained and equipped to deliver tutoring online with video chat and interactive whiteboards
  • Melbourne tutoring

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