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  • tuition near me

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  • tuition near me

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amity Albright
Chemistry tutoring

Josh reached out to me on behalf of Flow Tuition when I was looking for an online chem tutor. The process was relatively seamless, though it took a little time to be matched with my tutor.

Ellie has been great so far. She is patient, kind, and understanding - and she really knows her stuff! Ellie prepared me for an upcoming chemistry SAC, helping me feel more confident and comfortable with the topics at hand, and she always sends through a copy of the notes to your email after the session.

If you are looking for a competent and friendly tutor, I would highly recommend Ellie.

Outstanding Tutors

I have been getting tutoring for a few weeks from Flow Tuition and my experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

The quality of the tutoring is outstanding and Josh, who I am receiving tutoring from is amazing. He is an outstanding tutor I appreciate his commitment to tailoring the lessons to my specific needs and learning style, ensuring that I understand the material effectively.

As a year 12 student with a hectic schedule the ability to schedule tutoring sessions at any time has been extremely convenient for me.

Overall the service at Flow Tuition is of high quality and I would recommend them to my friends.

Fantastic Tutoring

I received 3/4 Accounting exam feedback with Flow Tuition and my tutor was amazing. They provided detailed and insightful feedback for every question, even providing sample answers, tailored to VCAA's requirements and cross-checking with others to maximize the effectiveness of feedback. With their guide, I was able to achieve a study score of 48 in accounting.
Would highly recommend them, I am very grateful for their support!

A Supportive Team

My tutors at Flow Tuition went above and beyond to help me achieve my aspirations. They were supportive and helpful through every academic challenge I faced and were a major factor in the success I showed in my VCE.

Milly O
A patient and compassionate tutor

I just wanted to write a review to express my gratitude. After my daughter experienced a year of struggling in year 11, I decided to get a tutor in hopes of improving her year 12 experience. And I can say am really glad I went with flow tuition. The tutor Josh not only did well in accounting himself but is studying accounting currently so had great expertise. He was patient with my daughter and broke terms into basic concepts so she can understand. As an athlete, the flexibility of online tutoring also fit well into my daughter's schedule. I am proud to say my daughter ended up doing very well in accounting last year and she had a much better VCE experience.